We are Living Through the Biggest Scarcity and Abundance in History

We have so much technology, and more coming every day. There are more and more capabilities, tools, techniques and developments coming at us every day. But at the same time we are in dire need of new ways of looping at the world.

We are asking machine to make decisions for us because we’re used to being single minded.

We don’t know how to be creative in the age of AI.

It is amusing to compare the false promise of multipurpose machines with the tyranny of single purpose humans.

I started my work as a designer (traditionally of communication and technology), after some in-house work in media companies I started my own practice. Shortly after I joined the inaugural NEW INC (the New Museum incubator for arts and technology), and during that time I got very interested in complexity science and machine learning (around 7 years ago). Finishing those client engagements I was left fascinated with the provocations I discovered, so I decided to start a weekly newsletter for a full year. I ended that year delivering a TEDx talk about AI and Design.

Since then I developed various academic collaborations, affiliations and visits (including Santa Fe Institute, Yale, McMaster, Parsons, SVA and more).

If you join you will not read about

  • no tech promotion

  • no latest developments in AI, blockchain

  • no tips to scale software

You will read on:

  • yes to people in the age of AI

  • yes to ways of seeing, and creativity

  • yes to patterns in emergent ways of thinking

Thank you.

Nitzan Hermon (@byedit)