Rhizome Mapping

Where I am Writing in 2020

Nitzan Hermon


Happy new year.  I hope you had a wonderful break, and are feeling energized about the year ahead. I tend to spread my online presence like a rhizome, so I figured that the new year will be as good of a time as any to to recap, and commit.


This publication, ways of seeing is my personal update list. My blog for now.


Everything will Happen is my AI focused research: language, systems, complexity, principles of augmentation and such. Notable outputs are the TEDx talk, and a report I wrote for TATA Communications in collaboration with Dialogue and Ken Goldberg at Berkley.

This is still somewhat active – particularly with the open–source (open for contributors, which will be free to download) report I am working on in the backhround: https://artsandscience.co/report


Meta Medium is my focus on mediums, and their effect on creativity. This is concretely theoretical and will look at definitions of creativity, analysis of present tools and ways in which we could work on the dissonance between our actual self and who algorithms think we are 

This is my most active research, and I invite you join its weekly mailing list.

Meta Medium Weekly Update


My commercial practice: Future-of.agency is a boutique brand strategy consultancy, which offers services of insights and metrics. I have worked with brands such as Google, Cartier, MoMA and Spotify to name a few.

You can learn more about commercial work through joining this list (I am looking to onboard 1-2 new clients early this year, let’s talk)

I am also on TwitterLinkedin and Are.na where I sometimes post interesting discoveries, before they become long typed up thoughts.

Wishing you all a creative year ahead,
I am looking forward to it.